Mikayla Branch

Environmental Lead

After previously working at Smith+Tracey, Mikayla has gained a diverse range of experience within the architectural industry.  She has worked across all phases delivering successful projects across education and community facilities, to aged care and sporting hubs.

After completing her Bachelor of Architectural Design and beginning the Master of Architecture degree, Mikayla transferred into the Master of Disaster, Design and Development, where her studies and research focuses on environmental design and sustainability.  Mikayla strongly believes that environmentally sustainable and resilient design is key to creating contextually responsive, welcoming, and people-centred spaces, where wellbeing, connection to nature and community consideration is paramount in the design response.

Mikayla will work across a variety of projects within Smith+Tracey integrating research-led design outcomes to deliver on environmental responsibilities, establishing advanced ESD (environmentally sustainable development) strategies, and continued growth and learning within our studio teams.