Alexander Street Residence, Box Hill

The Alexander Street residence re-invents a traditional single level free-standing weatherboard cottage into a unique light filled contemporary dwelling. Located in a heritage conservation area, the design responds to the local planning controls which required the original free-standing weatherboard cottage remain intact.

With a significant disconnect from the sites external spaces, the clients brief was very clear in calling for a design response which celebrated natural light, engaged both internal & external spaces, and one which reinstated the integrity of the original house.

Following the removal of more recent additions to the original dwelling, the proposal enabled the ambitions of the new contemporary building components to be consolidated and celebrated alongside the existing.

On arrival the original fabric of the cottage is maintained and celebrated. The transition between old and new is defined, with each offering notable spatial differences and qualities. The original structure retains its intimate retreat type qualities, and accommodates the family bedrooms. As you progress through the house the extensions transform spatially with the introduction of light, air and volume throughout the living spaces.

The north facing garden and courtyard extends from the new living spaces to the rear boundary, providing a fully engaged connection between the internal and external spaces of the home. A cohesive connection not previously engaged.

Externally, the implementation of the new alterations and additions is executed with a subtlety and humility in order to defer to the sites past. From a street frontage perspective the additions recess with a prominent yet subtle expression of the contemporary insertion beyond.

Typically contained to the rear of the property; the design not only retains and celebrates the existing heritage fabric and neighbourhood character; it also provides a finely crafted contemporary and contributory design solution to the sites surrounding built environment.