Capturing Victoria’s Religious History

Smith + Tracey architects have contributed to many parishes in Victoria through our history. We have worked across multiple denominations to create iconic religious buildings with a strong presence for many different communities.

We have played a role in revitalisation and refurbishment of existing churches to create a renewal of belonging; and designed new places of sacred worship and gathering.

The inclusive environments we create collaboratively with our clients bring together many functional pastoral needs.

Our designs deliver a memorable experience of worship in liberating spaces providing light filled majestic volumes; creation of openness and togetherness through a variety of planning arrangements; offering adaptable places to gather; and spaces that exude a sacred place.

During our 69 years we have maintained a proactive, supportive and engaging partnership in the parishes we work with; providing inspirational solutions for the community to maintain their excitement and perceived value in what Smith + Tracey architects offer to their spiritual domain.

Smith + Tracey architects are committed to engaging and embedding ourselves within the Parishes we service; and to become more than simply their architect, but to become trusted advisors and be a partner in growing and meeting the needs of their evolving religious communities.