St James The Apostle Catholic Church

Re-enforcing the building as a symbol within this thriving parish community, the recent alterations & additions has seen a much-loved building fabric transformed into a contemporary place of worship, engaging liturgical renewal and reflection within its community.

One of the key parameters of the design for the project was to celebrate the significance of the existing structure, with all new interventions focused on establishing a continuous cohesive design response within the scale of the original Church.

Gabled extensions to the side aisles of the nave have not only drawn inspiration from the existing soaring roof structure; they respectfully defer to it. The existing radial floor plan configuration has been retained and expanded, allowing for increased capacity, while also enabling the sanctuary to be increased in scale; further enhancing its relationship with the congregation.

Upon entering the Church the visitors eye is drawn to the soaring height and scale of the sanctuary. The interior is intended to reflect a humility and restraint in its materiality, and assists in re-enforcing the circular configuration of its nave. In turn, the organic references of the original building form have provided informed opportunities which reinforce the church’s connections to nature and landscape beyond.

Intended to further engage its parishioners, St James The Apostle is in its own right a destination, and has not only strengthened its place within the School and Parish Community; but its broader community as a place of refuge, reflection and inspiration.