CFA Regional Headquarters

The new building is designed to embrace the ARBG rating requirements of the Victorian Government’s energy efficiency strategies. Orientation, outlook, sun screening, water tanks, ventilation, internal lighting, control systems and reuse of stored water all play a part in achieving the sustainable objectives.

The building houses a number of the CFA’s administrative, logistical, storage, emergency command, training and community safety operations. These are required to oversee and control the Grampian’s Region 15 and can function 24/7 should a major incident occur.

It consolidates the CFA’s emergency management facilities into a single hub for the region and provides an ideal interconnectivity relationship with the SES and police.

The building fabric is designed to be robust, insulated and provide a healthy fit-for-purpose workplace for the activities within and around it.

A mix of precast concrete panelling, lightweight cladding and Colorbond cladding are employed to articulate the facade and provide a language of presence within the community.

The CFA’s iconic signage and checkered emblem are represented on the building’s finish. We proposed this to the authority as a prototype ‘kit of parts’ for future projects that uniquely provides the CFA with a recognisable and repeatable built language.