Sisters of the Good Samaritan

Bespoke 3 level apartment (7 apartments) style accommodation for aging Sisters of the Good Samaritan order.

The building functions as a shared community facility for the sisters, allowing them to live, socialise and worship as a group or return to their individual private settings within.

The aesthetics has been used to compliment the residential street characteristic of the neighbouring area, presenting as a storey residence from the street frontage. 

The design solution also future proofs the building’s potential longevity by adapting shared community and common spaces used by the Sisters to be transformed into additional apartments, once the Sisters vacate.

Driven by design team and supported by the client, the project features environmentally sustainable design principles such as solar panels, EV chargers, and rainwater collection.

A successful collaboration with dedicated Builders, Consultants and to the Sisters of the Good Samaritan in creating an excellent outcome.