Roslyn Primary School

The new building at Roslyn Primary School has provided our community with flexible teaching and learning spaces that have catered for the modern needs of education and our focus on STEAM, while maintaining the traditional heart and feel of our school as a hub for community.

The architects at Smith and Tracey listened intently to our needs and designed a building which provided our school with a building of presence, strategically locating our front entry and promoting our new school image. With a twenty metre inlaid ruler in the vinyl flooring of our especially design STEAM corridor, our flexible furniture has allowed the space to flex to any requirement. Coupled with the flexible multipurpose space, with numerous purposes, including our Out of School Hours Care.

The building has revitalised the school and has provided exciting play and learning spaces, all featured around our central courtyard, the heart of our school.

Although continuing to operate our school at full capacity during the build had pressures on our resources, namely finding spaces for our classes to learn in, our community could clearly see the potential this new building, and all that it had to offer, would provide at the projects end.

Steven King
Assistant Principal