St Agnes Primary School

The refurbishment of St. Agnes PS aims to transform existing classrooms and utilise an adjacent corridor to create a more advanced collaborative environment that aligns with St. Agnes’ unique approach to teaching and learning. 

One of the key objectives of the project is to introduce greater flexibility into the learning spaces. This flexibility allows for dynamic and adaptable arrangements that can cater to different teaching methods and accommodate various learning styles. By reconfiguring the existing classrooms, the project enables the creation of versatile areas that can be easily adapted to meet the specific needs of each class. By embracing these changes, the project establishes an environment that facilitates collaboration, active participation, and effective communication among both students and teachers. The revamped classrooms become dynamic hubs of engagement and interaction, perfectly suited to St. Agnes’ teaching philosophy.

In addition to the interior redesign, the project introduces new external decks that provide boundless opportunities for outdoor learning experiences. These thoughtfully designed outdoor spaces serve as captivating extensions of the classroom, inviting students to explore, discover, and engage with the natural environment. Outdoor learning environments have been proven to enhance critical thinking skills, nurture a sense of curiosity, and promote physical well-being. By integrating these decks, the project empowers St. Agnes’ students to connect with nature, fostering a deep appreciation for the world around them and enriching their educational journey.

 Furthermore, the project introduces an additional external ramping system to ensure multiple accessible entry points into the newly created spaces. This design consideration emphasises inclusivity and ensures that the enhanced collaborative environment is accessible to all students, including those with mobility challenges. By providing multiple accessible points, the project strives to create an inclusive learning environment that accommodates the diverse needs of the student body.

Working collaboratively with the school’s leadership team to optimise the possibilities of this project has been a wonderful experience. Thank you to Spaces Australia (Builder) and the Consultant team for working together to provide the school such a wonderful result.

The collaborative efforts and dedication showcased during the project exemplify the shared goal of delivering an exceptional educational experience for the staff and students of St. Agnes.