Thomas Carr College

Thomas Carr College as a Catholic School aims to educate our students with an appreciation of the spiritual as well as the intellectual and physical aspects of their lives. To achieve this we required the physical facilities to meet the needs of our students and teachers hence, the Fr Moran Performing Arts Centre was an important aspect of the development of the College.

The ability for our students to learn in a state-of-the-art facility designed for the performing arts will ensure our students will be taught, Drama, Music, Theatre Studies and Dance.

During the planning and design phase Smith + Tracey worked effectively with our Head of Music and Head of Learning for the Arts to ensure that the facility catered for the needs to both teachers and students. The outcome of this collaboration has been the completion of an outstanding centre.

A challenge was for the space to be used by various groups and be multi-purpose. The facility allows for drama and music to be taught within various size spaces allowing both large and small groups of students to learn, and accommodate up to 500 students in the auditorium space.

The Fr Moran Performing Arts Centre has certainly met the expectations of the College community and has met the educational needs of our students. We are indeed very proud of our facility and very grateful for the work that the team at Smith and Tracey did to realise our vision of a state of the art performing arts facility.

Dr Andrew Watson