Thomas Carr College

The Trade Training Centre at Thomas Carr College is a new building focusing on teaching of carpentry, joinery, and bricklaying and is part of a larger community focus on the teaching of various building trades.

These teaching programs require utilitarian spaces adaptable and durable. The design seeks to reinforce this in the architectural expression as well as being playful. The architectural form and use of timber on the entry pavilion refers to the carpentry and joinery program with the building appearing as a large abstract joinery item. Timber laminated beams in the foyer, further add to this expression. This area also contains an office, a classroom for teaching the trade theory, and amenities. The large practical teaching area is housed beyond, predominantly constructed with precast concrete panels it has decorative brick work patterning of various brick bond styles.  

These materials are estimated to last the effective life of the building with little maintenance. 

Windows are double glazed for thermal efficiency. Perforated noise absorption materials are used to help with noise levels and user comfort. Extensive use of high light windows and skylights limits the use of artificial lighting during the main day time use, and allow for natural ventilation and exhaust of hot air as the main workshop space is not air-conditioned.

We are delighted with the final product and there is no doubt that the building is and will remain the flagship of the campus for many years to come. The beautifully represents aspects of the trades being taught within the centre as well as providing for flexible learning spaces, generous in size and naturally ventilated. Internally, the building is funky and bright and the material palette varied. The interior design and colours provide for a stimulating learning environment and interest for both students and teachers.

The Trade Training Centre has quickly established a reputation for its excellence in being able to deliver flexible learning spaces and many other schools are now visiting the site to view this magnificent facility and base their plans on our design. The college is trilled with the design, development and construction of the Trade Training Centre.

Dr Andrew Watson – Principal

CEFPI Victorian Chapter Awards 2015