St Lawrence Primary School

“The educational brief given to the architects created the design of learning spaces (incorporating the general learning areas, learning street and small group rooms) that allows for visible connection between all users and therefore enhances inclusivity and participation. We are so pleased with the outcome that we have hosted a number of visits from other school leaders looking at the facility for inspiration for their own school building programs.” Julie Corsaletti, Principal

The design team challenged the School with three themes of exploration: aspirational wants; functional needs; and contextual response. The connectedness and flowing interrelationships of outdoor and internal spaces activate all parts of the building, creating flexible learning settings from small group rooms through to the learning street, supported by reconfigurable mobile furniture modules.

The ability to open or close spaces through easily operated walls and screens creates a dynamic learning environment responsive to the student centric curriculum and the evolving team teaching approach. The design was developed in response to the educational philosophy and local community needs, with the architecture developed to maintain a fully integrated masterplan for the St. Lawrence community.